A New Structured Installment SalesApproach for Real Estate Sales

Learn how this NEW, innovative approach to structured installment sales, as featured in The CPA Journal, can help your clients potentially defer, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.

As Featured in The CPA Journal

"The Tax Cuts & Job Acts (TCJA), combined with a prolonged bull run in the housing market, could make this the ideal time for investors to lock in real estate appreciation on investment property, or for business owners to transition to retirement while potentially reducing or eliminating any capital gains taxes they would otherwise owe when they sell."

"When the right set of circumstances presents itself, there may be no simpler way to potentially defer, reduce, or completely eliminate long-term capital gains taxes when selling real estate, businesses, or certain other appreciated assets than a structured installment sale."

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Meet the Scott & Associates Team

William T. ScottFinancial Advisor

​William T. Scott has served as a financial planner since 1983. Throughout his career, he has provided valuable financial services to hundreds of families and individuals. Bill’s genuine concern for his clients’ financial well-being enables him to successfully meet the financial planning needs of his clients while building long-lasting, meaningful relationships.

Bill is a native Texan currently living in Garland, Texas. Bill has spent more than 35 years as a financial counselor advising many hundreds of people and families. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary, since 1982. The greatest treasures in his life are his three children: Lauren, Sarita and Jacob.

Mary ScottChief Compliance Officer

Mary Scott ensures the advisory practice complies with all regulatory statues of the Texas State Securities Board. Mary also is responsible for administrative implementation of client investment strategies and ongoing client assistance.

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